Ballet Barre (freestanding and fully adjustable) (50mm Wood)




  • Fully adjustable and portable ballet barre for dance and fitness training at home, in the studio or outdoors. Free-standing construction, no wall mounting required.<
  • Available in wood or stainless steel with robust handmade construction by the experienced British engineers at Avonstar
  • Suitable for practising posture or ballet figures or performing pilates exercises for legs, abdomen, back and all over fitness.
  • Can be easily dismantled for ease of use & storage, no tools required.<
  • Full size 1900mm long, 45mm diameter pole is height adjustable between 910 to 1170mm and stands securely on 800mm legs
  • Using the ballet barre for a complete body workout, the exercises include dynamic and static movements, isometric holds, core strengthening and stretching. It promotes a longer, leaner, stronger body and improves posture.

1 review for Ballet Barre (freestanding and fully adjustable) (50mm Wood)

  1. Katie Masters

    I’m really impressed by Avonstar. The ballet barre I bought for my daughter is really well made: strong, secure, but very easy to put together/ separate, so it’s easy to store. The delivery also arrived really quickly. I’d highly recommend this product, and the company. Thanks loads!

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