Variations of Treadplate Door Ramps


  • The ramp is quick and easy to install and can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution with the supplied fixing plates on certain variants
  • Avonstar market-leading mobility access ramps are lightweight, super strong and the perfect solution in a variety of sizes and options to suit all access needs, simply select from the drop down menu
  • Designed with a safe working load of 1 ton
  • This ramp is affordable, yet effective
  • Made from durable aluminium tread-plate
  • Ideal for all access needs, providing a safe, simple and affordable solution to overcome height differences with ease access in every situation
  • Handmade in England by engineers to be easy and safe to use and are carefully manufactured to give years of service and great value
    1 INCH DOOR RAMP29.5 INCH16 INCH1 INCH760MM400mm25.4MM
    2 INCH DOOR RAMP29.5 INCH16 INCH2 INCH760MM400mm50MM
    3 INCH DOOR RAMP29.5 INCH15 INCH3 INCH760MM381mm76MM
    4 INCH DOOR RAMP29.5 INCH16 INCH4 INCH760MM400mm102MM
    5 INCH DOOR RAMP29.5 INCH16 INCH5 INCH760MM400mm127MM
    6 INCH DOOR RAMP29.5 INCH18 INCH6 INCH760MM455mm152MM

    Adjustable Version

    Adjustable height between: 70mm to 110mm

    Now available in Low Gradient versions for unaided wheelchair access

    As a general rule when using portable wheelchair ramps the regulations recommend a gradient no steeper than 1:12 for unaided use up to 166mm (please contact Avonstar for heights greater than 152mm)

    Length of ramp designed to comply with UK Building Regulation Recommended Gradients for Wheelchair Ramps (New Building Regulations from October 2015 – Access to and use of buildings: Approved Document M)

    Low Gradient Sizes Below:

    2 inch = 50.8mm High x 750mm Wide x 610mm Long

    3 inch = 76mm High x 750mm Wide x 912mm Long

    4 inch = 102mm High x 750mm Wide x 1224mm Long

    5 inch = 127mm High x 750mm Wide x 1524mm Long

    6 inch = 152mm High x 750mm Wide x 1824mm Long


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