Bird Box Protectors




  • Stainless steel protector 304 grade ( will not rust )
  • Sizes 70mm x 70mm square 4 fixing holes
  • Supplied with wood screw fixings


3 Sizes available

  • 25mm hole, suitable for Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Marsh Tits, 
  • 28mm hole, suitable for Great Tits, Tree Sparrows 
  • 32mm hole, suitable for House Sparrows and other small birds

Quote from customer “we had blue tits nesting in our bird box. unfortunately a woodpecker had spotted the nest at the time we had 8 little chicks. After two nights of the woodpecker attacking the nest we were only left with 3. As soon as the bird box protector came we installed straight away. I’m please to tell you the remaining 3 chicks survived. Thank you Avonstar”