Copper Flush Aid


Genuine Copper Flush Aid to support the lack of strength caused by arthritis or other similar conditions with all of the anti microbial properties of copper. IDEAL FOR USE IN CURRENT COVID 19

EASY TO USE. This cushioned end fits snugly in the hand for convenience

This simple flush aid has been designed to deploy button push flushes A simple device made from stainless steel that provides hygienic peace of mind. Ideal for those with a weak grip or those who suffer from arthritis or tender joints

Designed to help people who find it difficult to press or grip, this toilet flush aid allows the user to be more independent in and around their own homes and when using public toilets. It empowers individuals to complete the function effectively with dignity and privacy

This essential aid is manufactured in genuine copper to provide long-term strength and use. In addition to its strength, this cushioned end is for added comfort.

Copper Flush Aid to support the lack of grip caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis or other similar conditions.

Whether it’s Rheumatoid Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or Parkinson’s, a lack of grip or manual dexterity can be very frustrating and limiting.

Our range of Arthritis aids provide relief and independence through helping to carry out daily tasks

Requires Minimal Effort

Ideal for Arthritis, Grip Problems, The Elderly, RSI, MS, The Visually Impaired



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